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For the next edition of Irie Vibes Roots Festival, we are once again looking for about 150 helping hands to help turn the Irie Vibes Roots Festival into a success. Volunteers make the difference!
This year we are going back to our roots with "BACK TO THE ROOTS". Same vibes, Same love, but on a smaller scale.

All shifts and positions will be supervised by a team leader who will be there during the whole festival. This is the person responsible for answering any questions you may have during your shift. For all other questions, please contact Cindy Jonckheere (your head of volunteer staff) or ask for help at the info booth on the festival terrain.

Please register ultimately by the 31st of May 2022!

Last update: 12/05/2022

Our offers

Volunteers construction

  • Volunteers that register for the construction are expected to register for the entire construction period (July 16 - July 22) We expect you to arrive one day prior to the construction to set up your materials and tent (if required) in a timely manner.
  • We will supply fresh drinks and warm meals.
  • At the end of the construction period, construction vulunteers receive their volunteer's t-shirt, a festival entry bracelet and drink coupons to use freely during the festival.
  • Costless use of the sanitary facilities.

Volunteers Security

Volunteers with the Security Team get the same benefits as the Festival Volunteers, but are not required to fill in the form below. They are instead directed to send an email to our head of security: Is Security your calling? Don't hesitate to send an e-mail. You are not expected or required to fill in the volunteers form below!

You also get to use the provided sanitary facilities.

Volunteers break-down

  • Volunteers that register to help with the break-down of the festival receive a reimbursement for the festival ticket they purchased. Tickets are only reimbursed if you follow through the whole break-down period.
  • We will supply fresh drinks and warm meals.
  • Costless use of the sanitary facilities.

Volunteers Festival

  • In exchange for a weekend ticket, we ask you to work two 4-hour shifts (not consecutively) during the festival
  • We do not provide financial reimbursement for the delivered work and prestation (you volunteer.)
  • Free access to the festival terrain and an exclusive volunteers' t-shirt to proudly show off.
  • Per completed shift, you will receive a set of drink/food coupons from your team leader that you can freely use after your shift.
  • The afforementioned coupons are also usable at the Cocktail Bar and food stands on the terrain.
  • Free usage of the parking and camping and its appropriate sanitary places. You do however still have to abide by the festival rules.

Please beware:

As a bar volunteer you are legally required to be 18 years of age or older (to handle alcoholic drinks and difficult situations.)

When you register for a bar shift, you will be asked to fill in an informational quiz to bring you up to spec as to what the rules and guidelines are on handling alcoholic drinks.No alcohol -16; no liquor -18.

We ask

  • A minimum of 4 full days of build-up or
  • A minimum of 2 full days of break-down & clean-up or
  • Two 4-hour shifts during the festival

Registering for more than one option is possible

Some rules

  • You register at the festival entrance 15 minutes before the start of your shift. You will receive a bracelet and a Volunteer's T-shirt. Your drink coupons are received from your team leader after finishing your shift
  • You are expected to wear your Volunteer's T-shirt during your shift
  • You are expected to be sober during your shift (not under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

Registration form

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