Irie Vibes Roots Festival

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Irie Vibes is going back to where it all began. Irie Vibes 2021 will be once again a kickback to our roots, memories and happenings. We invite you to join us and many others at Irie Vibes back to the Roots Festival 2021, where the mind and body come together in a beautiful feast of colours and sounds. Don't miss a single drum hit! Bookmark our line-up page to your home screen. Irie!

one love

Here at Irie Vibes, family is important. We're a big family building towards an even bigger future. Without help from people like you, we wouldn't be able to fulfill this dream. Mash down! Visit the volunteers page to see if you're up for a sweet family thing.

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Looking for Tickets? Buy them now! A camping ticket guarantees you a spot on our camping too. Tickets and pricing available here. Why wait?

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Irie Vibes 2019: De tweede jeugd van een festival

Terug naar de roots is altijd goed. Op Irie Vibes betekende dat dit jaar terug naar één podium, en daardoor terug naar de eenheid en verbond...

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