Greenbeatzzz DJ Contest Winners

DJ Anonymize & D-Mole

DJ Anonymize vs D-Mole were neck to neck at the Greenbeatzzz DJ Contest. They will be opening Irie Vibes Roots Festival on Kortemark Congé. Who's your favourite?

Tijs Logic & African Drums Man

A collaborative performance of some seriously Wicked Didgeridoo and african drums. Local talent!

The Delta Drones

Resonating tunes and stunning covers by The Delta Drones, back to the 70's & alt-rock times.

DJ Bobalicious

DJ Bobalicious will be closing off the Lion's Den on Irie Vibes with a wicked set of mysterious musical stops in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand and Venezuela.

Dub-Up Hifi ft. Saimn I

Dub-Up Hifi was established late 2016 to bring reggae music in a soundsystem style to the people. A new sound in town with firm roots in the reggae and dub community. Operator Dubgrow has been selecting as well as organising the Dub-up & Tacticz sessions for many years. Selecta Samwise selects as Jah Frequency and hosts his Frequency Radioshow since five years. On the microphone is Little Lion & Baba T in a combination style. In 2018 the record label Dub-Up Records was launched. With 3 vinyl release to this date, they are on a mission to bring quality & conscious Belgian reggae music to the people. Dub-Up will bring their full soundsystem and special guest Saimn I to Irie Vibes.

Satta Sound ft. Babbajah

Satta Sound is a roots reggae and dub soundsystem from the Belgian coastside most known for their yearly Dubsphere sessions and their Kleur Festival residence. With 3 selectors (Ras Kurt, Bredda Sven, Echo Vault) and a home- made soundsystem they are ready to spice up Irie Vibes! Their appearance on Friday night will be with Babbajah on their home-made soundsystem.

On Friday night they will play with their full soundsystem accompanied by singer Babbajah.

Salomon Heritage ft. I Jah Solomon

Salomon Heritage is a Sound System & recordlabel, based in Montpelier, France. Salomon Heritage has been a mainstay record label for roots and dub aficionados for the past 10 years since its inception in 2010 with their killer first release (Sick of this Pain/Done with the Joking). Since then they have put out tunes with King General, Aba Ariginals, Kibir La Amlak, Murray Man and more!! More recently Roots Arna has set up two new record labels, one called Dub Vision - dedicated to raw dub Zulu style productions, and another called Hidden Treasures, resurrecting previously unreleased reggae productions. Irie Vibes will be a first entry to Belgium for Salomon Heritage, and they're bringing I Jah Salomon as a special guest.

Sunny After Moon

Sunny After Moon, is a Leuven based collective band formed early 2014, who play lots of different stuff, from the likes of reggae and Ska to Balkan and funk. Let’s start the dancing.

Donovan Kingjay

Donovan Kingjay is a common name and figure in the London sound system culture, the likes of reggae roast for example, on top of that, he’s had releases on a majority of labels over the past 5 or 6 years. Despite the UK scene being mainly Steppa based, and him being a part of it as well, his second studio album takes us up an other alley, as it is a quality roots reggae record. On top of all the mentioned before, he’s a very talented vocalist, and singer songwriter. His latest album, could well fit in with the greats from Jamaica, “it only gets better when you hear it.” Being a tenor voice, often said to be sounding like Bushman, Dennis Brown, and even Michael Prophet, it’s no wonder he can handle anything, whether roots, nyabinghi or rub-a dub style. As a true rastaman, he preaches spiritual conciousness and ital living, which can easily be heard in many of his songs, for example “Glory to him.”
The Rootz Lions is a roots reggae band formed back in 2016 as a collaboration project between Roots Lions and Carla Jah. In the past, they have worked with artists like Chezidek, Prince Jamo and ofcourse Donovan Kingjay. They will be the backing band for Donovan Kingjay on the festival.

New Kingston

New Kingston, is a band from Brooklyn, New York, of which the members are brothers (Tahir, Courtney Jr and Stephen), alongside their dad Courtney Panton, who is a first generation Jamaican American. They started songwriting back in 2010, after many jamsessions, their output is reggae blended with R&B, hip&hop and dancehall, but the reggae aspect has to be there. The brothers are great vocalists, each contributing in their very own way, while their dad is an excellent bass player. After their first album gained great succes, they even went on an European tour with none other than Collie Budz.

Uwe Banton & the Toughcutt Band

Uwe Banton, is a German reggae singer who can look back on many years of experience in reggae music. Being inspired by the early 80’s, and artists like Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and more, he made his first trip to Jamaicain 1981. Back in Germany, he started dj’ing on riddims like Sleng Teng and others, especially during the early dancehall era. In the 90’s, he joined his first band called “MOVEMENTS”, a cross African, Jamaican and German band. He’s played on almost every major reggae festival in Central Europe, from Summerjam to Reggae Ruhr, and so on. Always spreading messages about peace, love, justice and equal rights.


Together with the Toughcutt Band, this will be the first time Uwe Banton presents his tunes to you on the stage of the Irie Vibes Roots Festival.


Jahmbassador Hifi is a reggae soundsystem from Belgium, playing roots & culture music in the name of the most high Jah Rastafari. The music they play carries a conscious and spiritual message, food for the heart, brain and soul. Jahmbassador will close down Irie Vibes 2019 with a 5 hour solo set with his full soundsystem, pure vibes!

Bangarang Soundstation


Mirom Compostmobiel

Have you ever wondered what the proper way to compost is? How do you make your composter work like it should? Learn more here!

Bee & Health

Healthcare and beauty products manufactured from all natural honey and beeswax.

Hermes Sanctorum

Speaker: Writer of the book Eigen Soort Eerst, animal rights activist, and politician fighting for animal rights.



A workshop about the use and products of plant and herb based (and ecologically friendly) hygiene products.

Stéphanie De Caluwé


What's permaculture, and what is it really about? Does it make a difference, and why should I think about permaculture as an alternative?

Fishermen Sound

Fishermen Sound system was grown out of love for the Roots Reggae Music, resulting in a custom built soundsystem created with the heart and soul. This young crew comes to present a mix of vintage reggae & fresh dubs from the Fishermen studio.

Forward Fever

Forward Fever has been playing and promoting Reggae music since the late 90's. They are hosting the "'"I&I Time"'" Radios show, promoting the Dub 'R'Evolution events in cooperation with Cactusclub as well as running the Forward Fever Recordings record label. The full Forward Fever crew will present a mix of vintage tunes and brand new material from the studio on Irie Vibes. You can't miss it!


Earthworks, hailing from Amsterdam, will be tying the last knots of the spectacle in the Inner Circle with an impressive showcase. A little backstory: Earthworks is a collective, studio and band that has been gaining increasingly bigger traction. Their latest weaponry – a freshly pressed 7” single with Rapha Pico – is already being promoted by Jah Shaka, the king of soundsystem, and also a previous artist and guest to Irie Vibes Roots Festival.
Rapha Pico will be welcomed, alongside Bunnington Judah and Majestic B. Together with Ben King they will be presenting a two hour showcase of the biggest and best from Earth Works studio. Home grown & Rootsy!