Festival Rules

Bringing objects to the festival

What is NOT allowed?

  • glass
  • weapons
  • animals (we make an exception for guide- and assitance dogs)
  • sharp items
  • open fire or barbecue pits
  • climbing on fencing and railing
  • access to the (back)stage
  • bringing your own drinks to the festival
  • bringing your own soundsystem to the camping

What is allowed?

  • empty reusable bottles to fill with water at the water bar (only clear plastic ones!)
  • Utilities to take care of children (diapers, drinking bottles,...)


The festival and camping are situated in a quiet environment.
We ask you to:

  • Not cause any environmental damage to fields or properties
  • Show respect to all living creatures, including animals in the fields near the camping
  • Keep the ground where children are walking on safe. Bring your cans, glass or other garbage to the trash bins.

All kinds of fire are forbidden as a safety measure.

Weapons or any dangerous objects do not belong at the camping or the festival.

All forms of fighting, injustice, racism or vandalism are disrespectful and not allowed.

Always consider the other guests and keep the noise down.

Although we love animals, we cannot admit them to the festival or camping. Animals that are found will be taken to the shelter where the owner can pick it up later. An exception is made for guide dogs.

We want a safe and nice festival for everyone, so we ask you to respect these basic rules:

Visitors who show no respect for these rules, the organisation or other visitors, can be removed from the festival and camping. Tickets will not be refunded.

In case of serious crimes, police can be alarmed..