Info Point

the beating heart of the festival, ready to help you out with all kinds of questions. Visitors, sponsors, guests and shops can address the info point. You can also get free earplugs, ear protection for children, pocket ashtrays and gadgets.


It costs €2 to pee all weekend! Don't forget to buy this at first notice of entering the festival.


Respect nature and our ecoteam. Leave your waste in the proper garbage bins. Gather your garbage at the camping in a bag and bring your bags to the entrance on Sunday morning in exchange for a coffee. Ask for your pocket ashtray at the info point.

Safe β€˜n Sound

This information booth is a cooperation with VAD. They will provide you with information about alcohol, drugs, ear damage and safe sex.

Market & Bars

There will be plenty of food stands available and 3 bars (main bar, coffee/cocktail bar and camping bar)


There's a camping ground available to all visitors with a valid camping pass. More information on Camping & Parking


There is a car park available to those who come to the festival by car. More information on Camping & Parking

First Aid

The first aid tent provided by the Red Cross of Belgium is there to soothe all injuries you have. Don't hesitate to ask for help!


Free hotspot, charging station and a phone repair cafe on the festival site in collaboration with WiFix


We have services to help people who might need assistance on the terrain. You can email us at for further information or assistance.