Trim The Footprint

With support from the European Fund for Regional Developments


Climate change is a major issue, and requires solutions on an (inter)national scale, as well as locally and personally. In order to put a serious dent in our role in climate change, it will be parmount to make some important decisions about our economic and social models. We will have to work together and cross the hard boundaries if we want to make a difference. Onwards we go, crossing even the biggest boundaries known to man!

Let me introduce you to our fabulous partners.
La Condition Publique(Roubaix), Esperanzah! Festival(Floreffe) and Irie Vibes Roots Festival (Kortemark) have three things in common, namely, being:

  1. active in the socio-cultural field
  2. bundling their strengths
  3. and above all, they
  4. spark the fire that spreads awareness
To achieve this last goal, we strive to collaboratively shrink our carbon footprint. Ambitious for sure, but it's only together that we can make a difference!

It's time for change!#OnFaitCeQueOnPeut

This project is receiving support and funding from Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen, and focusses on ecology/ecological awareness, teaching and language. #Trimthefootprint

The four axis of the project:

Axis 1

By systemically communicating through our website, newsletter and social media we promote the expansion of the project outside of their intended target audience as well as the indivudual growth of each project as time allows. Through social media we strive to involve the audience with an interactive experience in the projects. Making use of a collective slogan and a logo, the project becomes visually recognizable and easily remembered. By inviting the staff of other events, we hope to spread out the reach of our projects; all the while utilizing the school system and power of education to estabilish a long term solution.

Axis 2

Each of our partners can apply to have their carbon footprint calculated based on the available statistics from the event in 2019 according to the caron dioxide (co2) prestation ladder. We’d also like to work together with every partner (as well as cross-event) to discuss what’s possible to reduce their energy usage, trash production, improve their mobility, and how to improve the availability of sustainable foods and water. We take pricing, communication and trustability as well as durability and sustainability in to account. This way, we don’t only shrink our own footprint but show ourselves as an example to other events to follow.

Axis 3

Festival visitors are approached in an attractive manner: the music is inviting and this makes room to explore other possibilities. This way, we hope to provide the necessary initiative for people to take matters in their lives into their own hands. By allowing ecological organisations the room and possibility to present their inner workings to the public, we stimulate the further development of their working. By inviting event organisers and local governers, we hope to spread the “ecological awareness-fire”, making it self-sustaining. We lower the barrier and bring governing agencies, event- and eco-organisations and the festival visitors together to initiate a string of long-term effects and changes.

Axis 4

We are aspiring to create a multi-lingual booklet that teaches the youth aged 10 to 12 about Food Waste. In this booklet, we publish around 5 recipes on cooking with left-overs, cooking with scraps/garbage in collaboration with a variety of local chefs. The booklet will be published both digitally as on paper, taking in to account the range of creative and inspiring methods to present the booklet. Our goal is to speak up in schools and offer a free copy of the booklet. If anyone wishes so, one of our partners can demonstrate the recipes at a school, with the help of an interactive workshop. By making the step towards education in schools, we are looking to link the locals' lives with ecological awareness ánd make grounds for a sustainable project that can exist on in the future.