May Plastic-Free

May 1st 2018

The hard working volunteers at Irie Vibes have decided it was time to take it one step further! Come along with us on this journey to make the month of May plastic-free. ban plastic straws, cups, disposable bags,..

The month of May has been dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic we use in our lives. Volunteers at Irie Vibes are aspiring young people to try and do the same! It's easy - just ban plastic bags, straws, and minimize your PET bottle usage! It not only feels good to do your own part in taking care of this precious earth, but it also makes you a great example for others (young and old) to look up to you as a role model! Don't sit still, help us out! Show your appreciation by sharing this post, or the website that "Mei Plastic Vrij" has provided us!

Link to our participation page (Czech Republic)

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